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    We help agricultural producers and developers of food systems and agrihoods to win USDA grants. We are successful grant writers and  farm operators that use grants to build our vision for future food systems. In 2021, we applied for grants of $1.5 million for ourselves and our clients. The future food system will be radically different from what is currently in place.  Our passion is to create a system that nourishes ourselves, the animals, microbes and planet.

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Use the Value Added Producer Grant to help fund your vision, or expansion of your working capital.  The One Rth team has funded close to $2 million in work for both our internal operations as well as for our clients.

The upcoming VAPG round will be announced soon.  If you are considering a working capital grant, contact us as soon as possible as this will require an additional 4-6 weeks to prepare the required feasibility study.  We have limited capacity to complete these studies and we are booking those slots fast.

If you are thinking about meat processing and are a startup farm/producer, consider VAPG as the key entry point into the USDA's funding glide path for new meat processing plants.  Contact us to learn more.

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3rd party independent business plans, marketing studies, and feasiblity studies that support USDA grant applications

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From Rural Economic Development, to Regenerative Agriculture.  How will we finance the future of our environmental services, food supplies and resiliency?.

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Patrick Van Haren

Grant Strategy & Finance

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Karin Ascot

Environment & Content

Could not recommend him enough!

Patrick is a grant miracle worker that helped me (read drastically improved and changed my direction) with our USDA Value Added Producer Grant application (Awarded $250,000 Working Capital grant). His insight was invaluable, and I don’t doubt he’s the reason we received the grant last year. Could not recommend him enough!

Abianne Falla, Co-Founder Catspring Yaupon Tea